Summertime is where basketball is king. Pick-up games at the park come alive and summer tournaments turn into spectacles. Nike has chosen to celebrate basketball’s global capital cities by paying homage to New York, Chicago, Madrid, Los Angeles, Manila and Beijing. 

Nike Hyperdunk Low 2017 “Madrid” – July 20

Madrid’s iteration comes with a little flair. It was designed to represent the heightened hoops activity that comes during sundown. The sunset timing of many of the city’s games inspires the Nike Hyperdunk Low 2017 Madrid. The MDZ emblazoned on the side and heel references a localized pronunciation of the city’s name, Madrid.

Nike Hyperdunk Low 2017 “New York” – August 2017

The NYC edition emphasis the competition between top talents of different neighborhoods, often seen in the Big Apple’s iconic street courts. With a schematic blueprint city map drawn in basketball-inspired lines, the Nike Hyperdunk Low 2017 NYC alludes to the city’s path to basketball success. 

Nike Hyperdunk Low 2017 “Beijing” – August 1

With 20 million people residing in Beijing alone, more than twice the population of New York City, competition is sure to be stiff. The brilliant Emerald colorway of the Nike Hyperdunk Low 2017 Beijing reflects its sink-or-swim mentality; the reality of not only needing to show off, but to prove your worth too in order to stay on the court. 

Nike Hyperdunk Low 2017 “Manila” – August 2017

The concrete atmosphere of Manila’s Tenement Curt Taguig engulfs this Philippines-inspired design. Surrounded by a towering concrete parking structure on all sides, Manila’s Tenement Court Taguig stands as one of the basketball world’s most striking environments. This court’s overlay is defined by a mostly gray upper and concrete-style midsole of the of the Nike Hyperdunk Low 2017 Manila. 

Nike Hyperdunk Low 2017 “Chicago” – August 2

The Chicago edition honors Saieed Ivey, a high-school basketball player who was murdered in 2014; it has a special call-out to “Failure Is Not An Option”, a city-wide mantra that ignites the elite level of play. It’s a mantra Nike supports to the fullest and brings awareness to Ivey’s message with “F.I.N.A.O” graffitied all over the shoe. 

Nike Hyperdunk Low 2017 “Los Angeles” – August 3

From the beach to the hills, there’s some deep Cali vibes rooted in this eccentric design. Outside city limits, players from Orange County and the Inland Empire have also raised the level of SoCal basketball. A special Drew League tongue and distinct color fade on left and right side (one representing LA, the other Orange County and the Inland Empire) of the Nike Hyperdunk Low 2017 LA pays homage to the coming together of worlds united by love of basketball. 

Which one will you be copping within the next few weeks? Let us know in the comments. 

(Images courtesy of Sneakernews) 

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