Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” Gets Remixed

It seems like the Air Jordan 1 won’t be vaulted anytime soon. With a plethora of release already in 2018, the Air Jordan 1 keeps on reinventing itself. That’s not gonna change with this new take of the Air Jordan 1. The iconic and beloved Air Jordan “Chicago” 1s are getting a slight remix.

Since releasing back in 2015, the “Chicago” 1s have seen prices soar and pairs in the market highly sought after. Would new additions to the shoe make it even more desirable? You be the judge. An icy blue sole replaces the usual red sole, and the upper’s red leather features what appears to be a clear dots that looks reptilian. The tongue tag is also slightly modified, as the normal red/white take is gone, replaced by an alternate blue/red. These are slated to release during the holiday season of this year. A lot of Jordan fans are purists and would hate this idea. But what about you? Are you part of the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it crowd”, or will you give these a shot? Let us know and tune into The Jordan Rack for more news and product availability on our website.

Images courtesy of: SneakerNews and Sneakerjamz

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